An appeal of the NGOs and public organizations of the Republic of South Ossetia to the Europarliament and international community

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An appeal  of the NGOs and public organizations of the Republic of South Ossetia    to the Europarliament and international community
   We, representatives of public and Non-Government organizations of South Ossetia with surprise and indignation perceived the invitation of appointed by the Georgian authorities puppet ‘head’ of the virtual ‘administrative unit of South Ossetia’ Dmitri Sanakoev to Brussels and his speech at the European Parliament Committee sitting.
   We consider this invitation as a part of the launched by the Georgian authorities company on legitimizing of the unlawfully created puppet ‘temporary territorial unit’ and the further misinformation of the international community pertaining to the settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict process. The fact is, that Dmitri Sanakoev, who is posed by the Georgian authorities as a spokesman of the South-Ossetian side, represents nobody, he is defector, who after his appointment by the Georgian President as a ‘head of the temporary administrative unit’ appeared as an official in the Georgian administrative machinery. He has become an alien for the Ossetian people, and it is rather cynic to pose him as a representative or mouthpiece of the South Ossetian people. Such a game may lead only to further deterioration of the already tighten situation in Georgian-Ossetian relations and will under no circumstances build trust to Georgia.
   Unfortunately, representatives of the European structures based on the principles of respect to democratic norms and human rights, very easily yield to provocations of the Georgian authorities, the only real perspective of which may be the deterioration of the situation.
   We address an appeal to everyone really interested in the peaceful and fair settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict to bring an influence upon the Georgian authorities to conduct the negotiation process with the really existing South Ossetian authorities who enjoys confidence and trust of their people.
1. RSO women’s union – Dzhioeva A. A.
2. Public movement ‘Women of Alania for saving of Motherland’ – Plieva B. V.
3. International RSO mercy and health fund – Dzhattieva E. H.
4. Veteran’s council of RSO – Bestaev G. P.
5. Resource-Center NGO of RSO – Tskhovrebova L. F.
6. South Ossetian women’s association for democracy and human rights – Kozaeva L. F.
7. Patriotic youths union ‘IR’ – Dzhioeva A.S., Kharebov A. B.
8. RSO communist party – Kochiev S. I.
9. RSO people’s party – Kelekhsaev R. L.
10. Deputy manager of the State dramatic theatre – Kalaev N.
11. Youth’s Parliament – Besaeva Z.
12. International youth organization ‘Mi sami’ – Kokoeva A.
13. Agency for socio-economic and cultural development – Alborova D.
14. NGO ‘Forum’ – Kvaginidze Z.
15. Alpinism and Tourism Federation – Kvaginidze T.
16. RSO student’s council – Bazzaty K.
17. NGO ‘Zarina’ – Tedeeva Z. F.
18. Youths discussion club ‘Dzyrd’ – Sanakoeva Z.
19. Republican political party ‘Edinstvo’ – Tibilov T.

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13 августа 2008 01:54
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